7 reasons why you should be sprinting

Go to your local park or beach on a weekend and you will see long distance runners passing by at every angle. What is rare is the sighting of a sprinter. Sprinting is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do, however very few people add it to their workout regime. They should. Here is why:

1.       You can shed fat fast – Long distance running enables you to lose body mass, which includes both body weight and water. Sprinting more readily targets body fat loss. Essentially sprinters get the benefit of fat loss, rather than water loss.

2.       You can increase your power and speed – By training explosively, you target your fast twitch muscles. This means faster gains in terms of muscle building and huge improvements in your running and cycling speed. If you train for speed, you will gain speed!

3.       You can strengthen your heart –The explosive nature of sprinting makes your heart work harder which improves circulation and lowers your blood pressure.

4.       You can improve your endurance – Sprinting also helps with long-distance running. Working at maximum capacity will build your oxygen uptake and increase the time it takes for fatigue to set in. The power gained will also allow you to propel yourself further with each stride in a long-distance run.

5.       It saves time – we all live busy lives. For those that are time poor, sprinting can cut your workout time in half.

6.       It builds mental strength – I can’t remember a sprinting session when I didn’t want to quit. Getting through these times of doubt builds resilience that you can bring into other aspects of your life.

7.       It can be done in a variety of locations and it is free! – whether it is at your local park, a beach, a set of stairs or at an athletics track, there is always a place where you can sprint.

Try this sprint workout which targets speed and endurance:

Dynamic warm up – jog, high knees, butt kicks, skips, shuffles, backwards runs etc.

At maximum effort do…

1x 400m sprint – 4 min rest

1x 300m sprint – 3 min rest

1x 200m sprint – 2 min rest

1 x 100m sprint

Long cool down + stretching + foam rolling.

This workout can be done in under 30 mins and you will feel like you have been working for hours. Give it a go!

Lewis Ehrlich